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Organize Your Personal Finances

Take back control of your finances

Are you feeling overwhelmed, trying to keep track of where your money is going?

Do you need help understanding which bills are paid from which accounts?

Are your assets scattered across many different accounts and holdings, making it hard for you to keep on top of all your responsibilities?

Geller & Lehmann has the expertise to help you master your personal finances.

Relax with wraparound care

Do you understand your finances and know how to organize them, but simply don’t have the time to manage your finances yourself?

Do you need someone reliable to keep on top of your inflows and outflows?

At Geller & Lehmann, we take the burden of managing your personal finances off your shoulders.

Geller & Lehmann can:

  • Help you design a budget based on your specific circumstances, so you can stay in control of your money
  • Support you in keeping track of all your finances
  • Manage your real estate holdings on your behalf
  • Pay your bills
  • Create regular financial reports to help you make changes to your lifestyle or prove your financial situation to a third party

Geller & Lehmann will structure, actualize, and monitor a well-diversified investment portfolio that suits your needs and objectives.  Read more

We provide advanced tax planning to help you conduct your financial affairs for maximum efficiency. Read more

Determine the right level of insurance coverage by streamlining your insurance needs with Geller & Lehmann. Read more

External financial reports

Geller & Lehmann enables you to demonstrate the details of your spending to a third party. Whether your accountant needs your detailed expenditures or a loan officer requests to see the breakdown of your cash flow, you can quickly and easily provide the data that they need with our in-depth financial reports.

Ongoing administration

Geller & Lehmann provides ongoing oversight of all your personal finances. We continue to monitor your inflows and outflows, and provide regular, detailed financial reports so that you always know where you stand. If you need to make lifestyle changes, we fine-tune your reports to track their impact.