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Advanced Tax Planning

Over 70 years of tax experience at your fingertips

Geller & Lehmann, LLC is an affiliate of the CPA firm Cooper & Lehmann, LLP, which has been providing accounting and tax services to multiple generations of families since 1945. All of our 7 decades of tax expertise are at your disposal to ensure that your overall tax planning and implementation is as efficient as possible.

We provide comprehensive tax services, starting with developing a tax-efficient strategy for the short and long term. Our tax preparation system utilizes the best technology, with online documentation and digital signature capabilities. We handle all follow-up issues, addressing any further matters that may arise from the IRS or state taxation authorities.

You’re more than just a number

Tax is our expertise, but relationships are our bottom line. That’s why we don’t look at your tax issues in isolation – we get to know you and all your financial concerns. We believe that we can only serve your best interests when we fully understand your values and priorities.

We build tax awareness into everything

Thanks to our unique expertise in tax law, we factor tax ramifications into every aspect of your family’s financial planning, from personal budgeting to retirement funding and from insurance to investments. With Geller & Lehmann, taxes will never take you by surprise.

We structure, actualize, and monitor a well-diversified investment portfolio that suits your needs and objectives. Read more

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Geller & Lehmann provides extensive tax planning for:

  • Families
  • Trusts
  • Charitable foundations
  • Benefit plans
  • Individuals
  • Businesses

Holistic tax efficiency

At Geller & Lehmann, tax planning doesn’t take place in a vacuum. We consider every inch of your family’s finances, and coordinate your tax planning with each of your other concerns, including your investment strategy, personal finances, and intentions for the future. We take care of every detail, too. A tax attorney might only establish trusts and prepare your final estate tax return, but we supervise and oversee everything.

Advanced tax knowledge

Our team of CPAs utilizes the most advanced tax preparation software, and is always at the forefront of taxation research, providing our clients with the latest in tax strategies. We strive to minimize our client’s tax liabilities to the greatest extent of the law.