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Expert Portfolio Management

It’s all about you

At Geller & Lehmann, we begin by discussing your current financial situation and your ongoing income needs.

We assess your level of risk tolerance, ask about your financial and non-financial interests, and seek to understand your charitable intent, so that we can create a portfolio that is tailored precisely to your requirements.

Intelligent portfolio design

Once we fully understand what you need from your investment portfolio, we make it happen. We structure a well-diversified portfolio that matches your needs for income, risk, and future growth.

Whether you engage new members or already have a professional investment team in place, we coordinate your entire portfolio with each expert advisor, for maximum efficiency and minimum exposure to risk.

We bring order to your personal finances, so that you remain in control of your financial situation. Read more

We provide advanced tax planning to help you conduct your financial affairs for maximum efficiency. Read more

Determine the right level of insurance coverage by streamlining your insurance needs with Geller & Lehmann. Read more

Objective guidance

At Geller & Lehmann, we don’t owe allegiance to any investment broker, financial services company, or hedge fund managers. This way, you know that our advice is 100% objective, driven only by what is best for you and your future. We don’t sell any investment products; instead, we help you identify the best brokers, insurance products, and financial attorneys for you, so that your investments enjoy the very highest level of financial oversight.

Ongoing peace of mind

Our involvement continues once your portfolio is established. We’ll monitor your investments and coordinate between your brokers and advisors on an ongoing basis so that your investments are kept performing at peak condition. We’ll send you quarterly updates about your portfolio to keep you fully informed and in control.