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Your Future

Planning for your family’s future

Your family’s financial concerns are unique, and your preferences are highly individual.  Only you know what your family needs. We’re here to help make your vision a reality, through tailored financial planning that covers taxes, savings, pensions plans, and estate planning. Pass on your legacy to the next generation through our financial education services, including financial literacy education sessions.

Make your dreams a reality

We help you consider your future plans, make a 360° assessment of your current financial situation, and assess whether you are on target to reach your goals.

If necessary, we advise you on what changes to implement to align your finances with your aspirations, to help you to actualize them.

Your family’s vision

Are your retirement plans in order? Do you have college funds for your children? Have you planned your legacy? We’ll help you consider your family’s financial needs, for this generation and the next.

Reaching your goals

With the help of Geller & Lehmann’s family wealth management experts, you’ll organize your financial situation to streamline your tax burden and ringfence funds for different purposes. Let us help you manage your investments according to your timeline, risk preferences, and income needs.