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Streamlined Insurance and Estate Planning

Determine the right level of insurance

Evaluate whether your insurance coverage is sufficient. We survey your time horizon, risk tolerance, net worth, and cash flow to ensure that you have the optimal level of insurance. We’ll also help you determine if you would benefit from an insurance trust.

Actualize your insurance plan

Once you’ve decided on your insurance needs, we’ll help you to implement them. Thanks to our network of trusted insurance advisors and attorneys, we can direct you to the appropriate individual to implement your insurance plan.

Manage estate planning

With our understanding of your family’s needs and our tax expertise, we help you plan for the ongoing financial wellbeing of your family into the next generation. We work together with you, your estate attorneys and your insurance team to ensure that your estate plan is complete and watertight.

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Objective advice

At Geller & Lehmann, we’re only motivated by what is best for you. We don’t earn commissions from any insurance firms, brokers, or agents. To help you find the best insurance product for your requirements, we connect you with an experienced and reliable insurance advisor or attorney who can implement your plans.

Ongoing peace of mind

We’ll be at your side throughout the insurance application and approval process, and we will continually monitor your financial situation. We share regular reports about your finances, and help you decide if and how your insurance coverage needs to change.